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Linear Solar Concentrator Dashboard
Entity Open Source Écologie (OSE French speaking Chapter)
Project Name Linear Solar Concetrator with Fresnel reflector – Alpha Sole
Version Prototype Alpha (Version 2)
Completion Status End Design
Version Date September 2016
Terms of Use GPL / CC BY SA
Summary A solar concentrator generating steam at medium temperatures up to 250°C (480°F) and medium pressure of 40bar (550 psig).
Keywords Energy, natural, agrofood transformation, conservation
Description Alpha Sole is linear fresnel solar concentrator. fully open source of 5KW Peak power. The entire system will combine a specific number of modules in order to produce between 5 and 50 kW. Designed for artisanal common uses : collective cooking, local food production, extraction of essential oils, jam cooking, jar sterilization, water purification, wood treatment, alimentation steam, other process using the vapor up to 250°C. Designed desing with resiliance, ease of use, ease of maintenance, Alpha sole is the mid stone between the proof of concept (Solar OSE 1KW) and its improved final version that will be optimized in costs, quality and manufacturing process
Predecessors Prototype 1 or the solar concentrator Solar OSE of 1KW was produced in August 2015 (FREN Wikifab / EN Instructables )
Content Location Guides (wiki) Discussion (Forum) Sources (Github) Guide underconstruction FR / EN / SP Functional requirements FR / EN / SP Discussion on the forum Sources github
Geographic information Team Prototypes Users Team: in France: Lille, Paris, Marseille, In Austria: … In Spain: … Prototypes: In France, Avignon (Solar OSE) Users: In France, Avignon
Project coordinators Francois Veynandt, Cyril Libert,
Team Francois Veynandt, Cyril Libert, Remy Bernard, Jean Boubour, Hugo Frederich, Andrea Sannuto, …
Finance: Cost: 7000 (Estimated)
Planning: Sept. 2019 BOM, Oct. Procurement, Oct./Nov Workshop Gantt chart
Needs: Translations, Procurement, Logistics, Electronics, Programming,
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